The Green Business Checklist: Waste, Renewable Energy, Supply Chains, and Marketing

DATE: October 2011, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
VENUE: 76 Portland Place
PRICE: £45 + VAT
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This second lecture evening will offer executives valuable guidance on how to implement effective policies for reducing the amount of waste they produce, harnessing the environmental and financial benefits associated with renewable energy, delivering more sustainable supply chains and developing an effective green marketing strategy.

6.15pm - Arrival and registration

6.30pm - Welcome

6.35pm - How to develop an effective waste management strategy

This short lecture will look at why many firms ignore the environmental and cost implications of the waste they produce and explore how an effective waste management strategy can help slash costs and greenhouse emissions.

Drawing on a series of case studies, the presentation will look at the economic and legislative pressures forcing firms to reduce waste levels and address how new recycling and waste-to-energy technologies can help businesses reduce their waste impacts.

It will also look at how to draw up a comprehensive waste management policy that secures support from across the business.

6.55pm - How to make use of renewable energy

This lecture will investigate how growing numbers of firms are utilizing renewable energy, either through green tariffs or direct investments in onsite renewable energy technologies.

It will explore the case for investing in renewable energy, analyse different green tariffs and use case studies to explain how incentive schemes such as the feed-in tariff and renewable heat incentive are making the deployment of renewable energy technologies financially viable.

7.10pm - Green supply chain management and procurement

This lecture will analyse how many firms are failing to properly account for the environmental impact of their supply chains and explore how effective supply chain management and green procurement policies should prove central to any effective sustainability strategy.

The presentation will offer guidance on how to draw up an effective green supply chain policy and detail how some firms are acting to tackle environmentally irresponsible suppliers.

7.25pm- How to develop a green marketing and communications strategy

This short lecture will look at the reputational risks associated with so-called greenwashing and analyse why all firms need an effective green marketing strategy?

It will also look at some of the best practices that characterize all effective green advertising and marketing campaigns, and offer advice on how businesses can maximise the brand impact of their environmental commitments.


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