How big is your footprint? Carbon and the future of business management


After centuries during which the only metric that has mattered to businesses has been the bottom line, the next decade is likely to see a fundamental shift in the way executives measure their performance. The bottom line will remain the sole arbiter of corporate success and failure, but the pricing of carbon emissions and soaring energy costs mean that profitability will increasingly become a factor of firms' ability to reduce their carbon footprint.

This evening of short lectures will assess how carbon is redefining the role of modern accountancy, ask how and why firms should measure their environmental impact, and explore some of the management techniques progressive businesses are deploying to encourage executives to deliver against carbon targets.

Speakers included:

  • James Murray, editor,
  • Adrian Gault, Chief Economist, UK Climate Change Committee
  • Paul Simpson, chief operating officer, Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Christopher Norton, partner, Hogan Lovells
  • Leo Johnson, partner, PwC LLP (UK) and co-founder of Sustainable Finance

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