You hear a lot about green regulations designed to stop businesses harming the environment, but far less about the incentives that are meant to help them reduce their environmental impact. We've seen the green stick, but what about the green carrots?
There is a large number of green incentives designed to help businesses embrace sustainable best practices and reduce their carbon footprint - and what's more many of them are relatively easy to access and often under-subscribed.

But how do you find out about these various green incentives and, more importantly, how do you ensure that your firm takes advantage of them?
This evening of short lectures from some the UK's leading political, policy and business figures will provide an overview of some of the most significant green incentives available and offer detailed advice on how to access them.

Specifically, the evening will offer an invaluable insight into how readily available incentives can make it significantly easier for your firm to invest in green building improvements, low carbon transport, and renewable energy by de-risking cutting edge projects and helping you to cover the upfront investment.Speakers

Dave Sowden, Chief Executive, The Micropower Council

Owain Service, Deputy Director, Behavioural Insights Team

Lem Bingley, Director of Content, Incisive Media

Dan Monzani, Deputy Director, Green Deal Legislation and Finance, Department of Energy and Climate Change



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