Preparing for stormy weather - Identifying and managing climate risks

The world's scientists, politicians and business leaders are in agreement: the climate will continue to warm for the next few decades and while we urgently have to cut carbon emissions we also need to learn how to manage climate risks.
But what are these climate risks and can businesses really adapt to cope with the disruption caused by extreme weather?
Equally, how do you go about measuring the risks your business faces and developing an effective risk management and climate adaptation strategy that minimises disruption to your operations and gives you a competitive edge over less well prepared rivals?
This evening of short lectures from some of the UK's leading political, scientific and business figures will provide an update on the latest predictions from climate scientists and offer advice and guidance on how businesses can better protect their operations and supply chains from climate-related risks.


Chris Shearlock, Sustainable Development Manager at The Co-operative
Louise Whall, Team Leader - Business Engagement and Skills, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Anthony Day, Director, Cyber Associates
John Broderick, Knowledge Transfer Fellow, Tyndall Manchester


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